ICU Medical MedNet  | Safety Software

Our goal, and yours, is to make infusions safer by reducing medication errors. ICU Medical MedNet safety software manages IV infusion information and facilitates best practices to help reduce medication errors, improve quality of care, streamline clinical workflows and deliver potential cost savings.


ICU Medical MedNet Enhances Safety at the Point of Care

Building a drug library through MedNet safety software puts pharmacy-validated IV administration practices at your nurses’ fingertips:

  • Upper and lower dosing limits help protect against infusion errors
  • Hard and soft limits create a clinically acceptable range to guide nurses based on hospital and clinical care area practices

Improving Quality Everywhere

MedNet safety software delivers easy to interpret, highly actionable reports to help ensure your Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) efforts are equipped with rich information when making complex decisions. Standard performance reports:

  • Assess medication infusion practices in your hospital
  • Focus on clinician drug library utilization or compliance
  • Identify practices that can be streamlined
  • Highlight drug use to simplify the drug library
  • Identify management issues that can be altered to save costs
  • Assess rule set (hard/soft limits) alignment with clinical practice

EMR Integration Through IV Clinical Integration

Eliminating medication errors is the fundamental goal of ICU Medical’s medication management. Through the ICU Medical MedNet safety software platform, our IV Clinical Integration solutions brings this to the forefront. ICU Medical's IV clinical integration solutions connects the pharmacy-validated medication order with the IV pump, the patient, and the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) to streamline workflow and help improve patient safety while providing measurable financial benefits.


Proven success at live IV Clinical Integration sites includes:

  • 58% reduction in number of manual programming steps (17 to 7)1
  • Reduced heparin errors by 32%1
  • Reduced time to document a Code blue from 120 minutes to 5 minutes2
  • Saved an estimated $6.8 million [2006 dollars] in prevented adverse drug events3

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